150°C test EN 478 A test piece of 30 cm is maintained in an oven at 150°C for 30 minutes, and is inspected visually on the inside, outside and cross section of the wall for defects.
ash content ISO 3451 method A
ISO 1887
ISO 1172
Direct calcination, i.e. by burning the organic matter and heating the residue at high temperature until constant mass is reached.
colour ISO 18314-1
ISO 7724-1
ISO 7724-2
ISO 7724-3
Determination of the colour coordinates
(L*, a* and b*-value) of a material.
density ISO 1183-1 method A
ISO 845
Ratio of the mass of a material to its volume, determined by immersion (Archimedes principle) or by simple weighing and dimension measurements.
gloss ISO 2813
Gloss level is determined by measuring the reflection of a surface. The intensity of the reflected light depends on the incident angle
(20°, 60° or 85°).
heat reversion EN 479 A test piece of 30 cm is placed in an oven at 100 °C for 1 h. A marked length of this test piece is measured under identical conditions, before and after heating.
linear weight different standards The linear weight of a profile is determined by dividing the weight of a specimen by its length (sample length 30 cm).
homogenity (microtome) internal test method A thin slice of 10 µm is token aff the cross section of a profile, and examined under a microscope (magnitude 50x), looking for inhomogeneities.
light transmission
NF 132 Measurement of the light transmittance of translucent materials.
Shore A
(rubber and TPE)
ISO 868
DIN 53505
ASTM D2240
Determination of the hardness of rubber compound, by measuring the resistance to indentation of a needle into the material.
boiling test WPC EN 15534-1 WPC profiles, cut to a length of 10 cm, are immersed in boiling water for 5 hours. Before and after the test, the mass and dimensions are determined in order to determine the weight increase and swelling of the material.
methylene chloride test internal test method A small piece of a PVC-profile (2 cm length) is immersed into methylene chloride for 20 or 30 minutes and checked for defects.
(boat / banana)
internal Determination of the gap between the profile and a flat surface, measured in the middle of a 1 meter long profile.
visual examination
ISO 20105/A02
ISO 20105/A03
Grey scale for determining changes in colour after weathering tests, consisting of 5 pairs of grey colours.
Testing physical
Physical testing