notching (charpy) ISO 179-1 Automatic notching machine in order to prepare sample for charpy testing.
sawing + die cutting different standards Hollow die punch in order to prepare samples for tensile test, tensile impact, …
sawing + milling Charlyrobot ISO 3167 Automatic milling machine in order to prepare multipurpose specimen types.
welding factor NF 126
(ISO 527-2 type 1A)
Automatic milling of welded strips
(specimen type 1A).
corner strength EN 514 Sawing and welding of window profiles
(angle 90°).
two-roll mill + press ISO 293
DIN 7748-2
DIN 16770
Hardened steel rolls used for mixing, plasticizing of kneading of plastics, followed by a hot/cold compression in order to produce a pressed plate.
Sample preparation testing
Sample preparation