modulus of elasticity + bending strength ISO 178
Determination of bending properties (three-point bending) with extensometer.
charpy test ISO 179-1 Determination of charpy impact strength
(amount of energy absorbed during fracture).
flexural properties WPC EN 310
EN 15534-1
Determination of bending properties of WPC decking and cladding profiles, with span according to the manufacturer's installing instructions.
falling mass impact EN 477
NF P08-301
EN 13245-1
EN 13245-2
EN 13245-3
Test pieces are subjected to a blow from a falling mass from a known height on the sight surface at a point mid-way between the supporting webs at a fixed temperature.
tensile modulus + tensile strength ISO 527
Determination of the tensile properties (tensile modulus, yield strength, break stress, strain at break) of plastic materials.
elongation test gaskets ISO 37
Determination of the tensile properties (yield strength, break stress, strain at break) of rubber and TPE materials.
tensile impact ISO 8256 method
A - type 5
The amount of force needed to break a specimen under a high speed tensile load introduced through a swinging pendulum.
welding factor NF 126
(ISO 527-2 type 1A)
Determination of the breaking force af a tensile test specimen, of which two parts are welded in the middle of the specimen.
corner strength EN 514 Welded corners and T-joints made from PVC-profiles are subjected to a tensile or compression bending test at specified temperature and test speed.
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